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The TMO-2 Transducer Modules is a complete differential amplifier/signal conditioners with self contained power. The units provide excitation, balance and span adjustment via precision 10 turn pots, and shunt calibration necessary to couple a user supplied bridge type transducer to an indicating instrument. Full scale output is specified at plus or minus 10 VDC. The TMO-2 provides a floating shunt calibration circuit which applies calibration at the transducer, thereby eliminating errors due to line losses. The excitation supply incorporates a Wagner Ground to greatly improve Common Mode Rejection. The factory set bandwidth of the module is narrow to improve stability for applications such as weighing scales. The removal of a single capacitor will increase the frequency response DC to 10K Hz for dynamic data applications.

tmo-2 load cell signal conditioner
TM0-2 N/A $525.00
TM0-2-160 N/A $525.00
TM0-2-1600 N/A $525.00
Type: Full external bridge
Sensor Resistance: 120 to 1000 ohm
Balance Range: ±30% of output (350 ohm
Shunt Calibration: Single point momentary
Calibration Value: 1 mV/V resistor provided
Type: Bipolar differential
Gain Range: 67 to 737
Input Sensitivity: 1 mV/V to 10 mV/V
Input Impedance: 10 Megohm minimum
Output Voltage: 0 to 10 Volts (2 mV/Vspecs)
Output Current: 0 to 10 mA
Output Impedance: 75 ohm
CMR: 110 db minimum, DC to 60 Hz
Noise and Ripple: Less than 3 mVP-P
Nonlinearity: .01% maximum
Accuracy: ± .05% of FS
Type: Low pass, 6 db, octave
Frequency: 16 Hz standard (160 and
1600 Hz available)
Type: Constant voltage
Output: 8 VDC ± .25V
Output Current: 0 to 120 mA
Current Limit: Factory set at 65 mA
Load Regulation: .1% maximum for 100%
load change
Balance Stability: .2% for 8 hours
Gain Stability: .01% for 8 hours
Tempco: .02% full scale/°C
Isolation: 1000 Megohm, output to AC
Operating Temp: 0 to 50°C
Size: 3 x 3.75 x 6.25 inches
Weight: Less than 2 lb approx.
Fuse: 250 mA internal
Power: 115 VAC 10% 60 Hz 3 Watts
TM0-2 N/A $525.00
TM0-2-160 N/A $525.00
TM0-2-1600 N/A $525.00