Load Cell Summing Box

Our SJB-4 is a load cell summing card housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, measuring 6 x 7.5 inches overall. It has four 5-position terminal strips for load cell input and one 7-position terminal strip with internally jumped sense terminals for output to the instrument. The board will sum 2 to 4 load cells and can be daisy-chained to sum up to 8 load cells using 2 summing cards and enclosures. Trimming of signal output is accomplished with four 25-turn trim pots. The housing can be mounted with four .28 inch diameter mounting holes provided, with a spacing of 3.37 x 6.25 inches on center.

Case:     NEMA 4X
Feedthroughs:     Compression type for wire up
to .025 diameter
Span:     ±35 adjustment
Load Cell Summing Box