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Item #: ACA-USBDS9 $ 65.00

ACA-USBDS9 USB-to-RS232 Adapter Cable

The ACA-USBDS9 and ACA-RJ11DS9 adapter cable combination provides a seamless connection between a PC's USB port and a Digital Panel Meter equipped with an RS232 option board. This versatile cable setup ensures effortless data transfer and communication, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Likewise, the ACA-RS232DS9 and ACA-USBDS9 cable duo establishes a reliable link between a PC's USB port and the RS232 port of an SST transmitter. Both cable configurations are equipped with FTDI chips, ensuring broad compatibility across all Windows versions. These adapter cables streamline the process of interfacing with critical devices, enhancing efficiency and convenience in data management and transmission.

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