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  • ACA-USBRJ11485 Cable

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Item #: ACA-USBRJ11485 $ 65.00

The ACA-USBRJ11485 USB-to-RS485 Adapter Cable

The ACA-USBRJ11485 USB-to-RS485 Adapter Cable is a versatile connectivity solution, bridging the USB port of your PC to the RS485 port of a Digital Panel Meter equipped with a digital interface or to an SST transmitter. This adapter cable operates in half-duplex mode, enabling efficient data communication between your computer and the connected devices. One of its noteworthy features is its support for daisy-chaining Digital Panel Meters using appropriate cables, facilitating a streamlined and organized setup for multi-device applications. With this adapter cable, you can easily establish a reliable and efficient connection for data transfer and control in various industrial and monitoring scenarios.

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