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Item #: DPM-3-DLS $ 525.00

DPM-3-DLS Data Logging Software

Used along with Serial Data Communication Board to log data up to 60 samples per second, turns a PC connected to up to 31 DPM-3 instruments into a powerful, low-cost data logging system. on the computer screen in the form of up to 64 simulated meters in 4 groups (or screens) of up to 16 meters each. The on-screen simulated meters can show the readings and alarm indications of selected actual meters, or show values other than those normally displayed by meters, such as peak value. They can also show calculated parameters, or weighted averages that combine data from multiple meters. For example, a virtual meter can display the sum of any number of meter by adding them together. Available operands are multiply, divide, add, and subtract, with parentheses to allow complex expressions. The on-screen position and appearance of individual meters is user selectable to achieve meaningful groupings.

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