DPM-3-SPC Splash Proof Cover

The DPM-3-SPC is a rugged, impact resistant, clear, dust, and waterproof cover that fits over a 1/8 DIN instrument to seal the front of the load cell display panel from the elements.

The DPM-3-SPC meets NEMA 12 (IP52) standards for water splash and dust protection when the hinged door is fully snapped in place. The DPM-3-SPC meets NEMA 4 (IP67) standards for hose-directed water when the hinged door is further clamped down with the provided plastic locking key.

A capillary seal is formed between the door and the base by a tapered recess in the door and a tapered ridge in the base. The capillary action causes a small amount of water to be drawn in between the two surfaces, thereby producing a water-tight film around the sealing area. For applications where fluid residues not acceptable, such as food processing, apply a light coating of clear IPC Overview silicone grease, or other approved sealant, to the mating grove to prevent any ingress of liquid and enable the cover to withstand steam cleaning.

The DPM-3-SPC door is latched against the base by a locking tab when the door is snapped shut. Positive clamping of the door and protection against opening of the locking tab by hose-directed water are provided by a locking key, which remains in place to provide a much higher clamping force than the tab alone. Model DPM-3-SPC fits the DPM-3 Digital Panel Meter, our TEDS compatible Load Cell or Torque Sensor Display, as well as other 1/8 DIN instruments by other manufacturers, provided that the instrument dimensions in front of the panel do not exceed 48 x 96 x 15 mm (1.89" x 3.78" x 0.59"). It can be purchased as an add-on option for new instruments or be fitted to existing installations.

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DPM-3SPC Splash Proof Cover

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