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Item #: DPM-OPT-E485 $ 211.00

DPM-OPT-E485 High-Speed Ethernet Communication Board with USB

The DPM-OPT-E485 Ethernet Communication Option Boards offer a seamless and adaptable solution for your setup. Designed for plug-and-play field installation, they provide high-speed connectivity through an RJ45 Ethernet port for data transmission and an RJ11 RS485 port for both setup and data transfer. These boards serve as efficient Ethernet-to-RS485 gateways, enabling connection to an RS485 bus with up to 31 DPM-3 Digital panel meters. They facilitate communication between host and remote instruments via Modbus commands, ensuring data exchange accuracy. Supporting network speeds of 10 or 100 Mbits/sec and RS485 speeds up to 115200 baud, these boards deliver updated analog readings every 18 msec and counter readings every 11 msec, ensuring real-time data accuracy and reliability. DPM-OPT-E485 communications board that plugs into the middle slot of a DPM-3 digital panel meter. It provides high-speed Ethernet and RS485 ports to connect the host instrument to an external local area network (LAN) while also serving as an Ethernet-to-RS485 gateway to an RS485 bus with with up to 31 DPM-3 digital panel meters. High data rates are a major advantage.

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