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Item #: DPM-OPT-EU $ 188.00

DPM-OPT-EU High-Speed Ethernet Communication Board with USB

DPM-3 communications board that plugs into the middle slot of a DPM-3 1/8 DIN digital panel meter. It provides a high-speed Ethernet port to connect the host instrument to a local area network (LAN), plus a USB port for programming or data output to a PC or HMI. The DPM-OPT-EU Ethernet Communication Option Board offers seamless integration into your setup with their Plug & Play field installability. These boards empower DPM-3 instruments to be efficiently polled using Modbus commands, providing enhanced communication capabilities. With network speeds of 10 or 100 Mbits/sec, they ensure swift data transfer, and their ability to be polled via Ethernet every 2 msec contributes to real-time responsiveness. Moreover, these boards feature a Mini-USB port, operating at 38400 baud, facilitating easy programming and data transfer for streamlined operations.

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