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Item #: DPM-OPT-T $ 115.00

Digital Panel Meter RS232 Option Board for Data Communications DPM-3

he DPM-OPT-T RS232 Option Board is a versatile and user-friendly addition to your setup. It's designed to be easily installed in the field, simplifying your operations. With compatibility for point-to-point data communications, you can rely on it for seamless data transfer. You have the flexibility to choose between Modbus RTU or Custom ASCII protocols, and you can select baud rates up to 9600, ensuring it meets your specific needs. Importantly, it's isolated from meter and power grounds, enhancing safety. Plus, it comes certified to EN 61010-1 (CE mark) and RoHS standards. The inclusion of an RJ11 connector for use with a 4 or 6-wire data cable adds convenience, and a cable assembly is available for direct connection to a PC DB9 COM port, making it adaptable for various setups.

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