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Item #: DPM-OPT-U $ 115.00

USB Serial Communication Interface Board

The DPM-OPT-U Serial Communication Board offers seamless integration with your existing setup. Designed for effortless field installation, it's a user-friendly addition to your equipment. Featuring a USB Type-B connector, it simplifies connections to a PC USB port, ensuring plug-and-play convenience. With support for multiple meters connected to a PC via a hub, it enhances your data management capabilities. You have the flexibility to select data rates of up to 9600 baud, making it adaptable to your specific requirements. Additionally, it operates using power from the instrument and is effectively isolated from both meter and power grounds, ensuring safe and reliable performance. The DPM-OPT-U USB serial communication board allows a DPM-3 1/8 DIN digital panel meter to be interfaced to a PC with an available USB port. Connection to a PC allows programming via free Windows-based Instrument Setup Software or to output readings to a PC for display and datalogging. Connecting the USB board to a PC will cause the PC to download the required driver.

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