General Purpose Socket Wrench Style Sensors
RSS & SWS Series

The RSS, Rotating Torque Sensor, and the SWS Series Reaction Torque Sensors, are available in ranges 10 ft/lbs through 1,000 ft/lbs and feature accurate measurement of nut and bolt wrenching torques. Both series of reaction and rotating torque sensors are bi-directional so tightening and breakaway torques may be measured. The RSS and SWS accuracy specifications are; Non-linearity 0.25%, Hysteresis 0.25% and Non-repeatablity 0.1%. The sensing element contains bonded foil strain gauges of the highest quality. The SWS and RSS series torque sensors are supplied with a clockwise and counter-clockwise calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

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CAL-TEDS Plug and Play
RSS and SWS Series torque sensors