TTI Joins NI Partner Program

Transducer Techniques Inc Joins NI Sensor Partner Program Initiative Will Improve Efficiency for Measurement Test Systems Transducer Techniques Inc. announced today that it has joined the National Instruments Plug and Play Sensor Program. This initiative will introduce plug and play sensors to the broad measurement and automation market by way of the IEEE P1451.4 Standard, which defines a transducer electronic datasheet interface and information structure that can work across literally any type of force measurement interface or network. As part of this initiative to support IEEE P1451.4 standard, Transducer Techniques will work with National Instruments and other leading torque sensor vendors to offer users the ability to:
· Simplify sensor setup, use, and maintenance
· Automatically obtain load cell calibration data
· Eliminate manual data entry and error
Ultimately, the program should make integrating sensors into measurement and automation systems as easy and trouble free as plugging a mouse into a computer.

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Transducer Techniques Joins NI Sensor Partnership