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The PSM-F10 is a chassis mountable power supply package. They are ideal for use with dedicated microprocessor systems, instrument design and test equipment. The PSM-F10 can also be used as a supplemental bench or laboratory power supply. The special "Cclamp" type barrier strip secures the wire without twisting. Note the protected recessed barrier strip facing the top of the case. This allows connections to be made in tight areas while protecting the barrier strip from physical damage. Nothing else offers this combination of ruggedness, flexibility and convenience.

psm-f10 load cell power supply
PSM-F10 N/A 320.00
Input 115 Vac ± 10% 50 to 60 Hz
Output Voltage 10 Vdc fixed
Output Current 400 mA max
Line and Load Regulation 0.05% max.
Noise and Ripple 1 mV RMS
Operation Temp 0 to 70°C
Temp Effect 50 ppm/°C
Storage Temp -25 to 85°C
Line Isolation 1200-1500VRMS
Dimensions 4.00" x 2.70" x 1.40"
PSM-F10 N/A 320.00