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Used along with a SSI Plug & Play Smart Indicator to Read and Edit Plug & Play TEDS Smart Sensors.

Read and Edit Plug and Play Smart Sensors with TEDS
SSI-TRES TEDS Reader Editor Software
Computer connected to SSI via RS-232
The SSI-TRES TEDS Reader Editor software was developed to read and edit Plug and Play Smart Sensos that are compliant to the IEEE 1451.4 Standard. TEDS, or Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, is a set of electronic data in a standardized format defined within the IEEE 1451.4 standard. This data specifies what type of sensor is present, describes its interface, and gives technical information such as sensitivity, bridge type, excitation, etc. This information is stored in an EEPROM chip attached to the sensor. By having this chip, the sensor can identify and describe itself to the network and or Smart Load Cell Meter (SSI), thereby easing automatic system configuration.
SSI-TRES N/A $325.00
Click on any of the reduced screens for a full-size screen view.
Datalogging Meter Setup for Groups 1 & 2
Communications Click on the appropriate serial communication Bus type.
Datalogging Screen Setup for Group 1
Com Ports and Baud Rates
Click to choose the appropriate Com Port and Baud
Rate then click on the Establish button.
Datalogging Setup Screen
Establish Communication If Communication has been established the Com Port and Baud Rate will be displayed in a window with a green background. If a TEDS EEPROM is detected it will be displayed in a lower window with a green background. At this point click the Continue button.
Datalogging Start Screen
Blank IEEE 1451.4 templateYou can populate the template by a file or by an SSI Instrument. To populate by an SSI Instrument, at the top of the screen in the Menu bar, click on Meter and then click Read.
Datalogging Run Screen for Meter Group 1
Populated IEEE 1451.4 templateThis IEEE 1451.4 template was populated via SSI Instrument by clicking on Meter and then Read in the Menu bar at the top of the screen.
Typical Datalogging Help Screen
Editing a IEEE 1451.4 templateThis screen shows an example of changing units from pounds to newtons. Once the template data has been edited click on Meter and then Write in the Menu bar at the top of the screen. A pop-up warning screen will then appear click on yes.
Typical Datalogging Help Screen
Newly Edited IEEE 1451.4 templateThis screen shows the newly edited IEEE 1451.4 template.
Typical Datalogging Help Screen
Instruction ScreenPressing on Instructions on the top menu bar brings an instruction screen, avoiding the need for a printed manual for the TEDS Reader Editor Software.
SSI-TRES N/A $325.00