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The TIO-3000 System was originally designed to perform precision summing on 2, 3, or 4 load cell signals for weighing applications. Development has progressed into accessory modules with considerable versatility for user defined configurations in a compact economical five (5) slot system with built-in meter and channel selector. Please see below for more information on the four available plug in modules and for available system configurations.

tio-3000 load cell display
tio-3000 load cell display modules
TMO-3 Amplifier / Conditioner for strain gage type sensors
SUM-3 Precision Summer for weighing
PKD-3 Peak Hold with polarity and reset
DSP-3 Window Alarm with dual set points
Module Functions Chassis Configuration
TMO-3 (Amp/Cond)   5 4 3 3 2 2  
SUM-3 (Sum) 0 1 1 1 1 1
PKD-3 (Peak) 0 0 1 0 0 1
DSP-3 (Alarms) 0 0 0 1 2 1
TIO-3000 N/A 1550.00
TIO-3000-4.5 N/A 1725.00
TMO-3 N/A 360.00
TM0-3A N/A 460.00
PKD-3 N/A 390.00
DSP-3 N/A 390.00
SUM-3 N/A 390.00
SUM-3A N/A 450.00
Plug-In Capacity: 5
Meter: 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 digit
Sensor Input: 9 pin D connector
Data / Control Output: 25 pin D connector
Size (Inches): 12 wide x 7.5 high x 8 deep
Power: 115 VAC 60 Hz
Fuse: 250 mA
Weight / Force Analog Data
Pressure Current Loops
Strain Peak Capture
Deflection (.5 ms Response Time)
Control (Alarms)
Quick Look Display
tmo-3 amplifier conditioner module

The TMO-3 Module provides sensor excitation, zero balance control, gain adjustment and calibration resistor, necessary to condition one (1) strain gage type sensor signal for display on built-in meter, off board recording or processing. The nominal output range of the module is 0 to ±10 VDC. The TMO-3 module derives its power from the TIO-3000 motherboard. On-board regulators supply amplifier bias and bridge excitation. Each module contains a two-pole filter as the final element.

1. A 4 to 20 mA current loop output is available as Option "A".
2. The standard 16 Hz filter was picked for meter stability.
The bandwidth of the TMO-3 can be much higher if desired.
Amplifier Type: Bipolar differential
Gain Adjustment: 75 to 1000
Input Impedance: 50 megaohm minimum
Output Voltage: 0 to +-10 volts, less
with sum
CMR: 10 dB min., DC to 15 Hz
Noise and Ripple: Less than 10 mV
Nonlinearity: .05% of full scale
Compliance: .1% of full scale
Frequency Response: DC to 16 Hz
Bridge Resistance: 120 to 1000 ohm
Bal Range (350 ohm): 25% of output,
Shunt Calibration: Single point, local
Sensor Wiring: 6 wire shielded
Excitation Type: Constant 8 VDC
up to 100 mA
Load Regulation: .1% max for 100%
load charge

pkd-3 peak hold module

The PKD-3 Module provides very fast response to variations in data level and captures the highest peak that occurs in a given monitor window. Unlike microprocessor controlled meters that covert in digital readings at three samples per second and then save the highest reading, the PKD-3 tracks continually and holds in analog form until reset. The module has polarity select and reset control which can be operated from the front edge of the module or remotely by switching TTL control lines to ground.

A typical application for the PKD-3 is with a TMO-3 and a torque transducer and used with an automatic nut runner. When the runner stalls, peak torque is saved. If backoff torque is needed for system evaluation, the module can be rest to zero and the polarity changed, both by computer.

Input Range: 0 to +- 5 VDC
Output Range: 0 to +- 5 VDC
Response Time: Less than .5ms
Reset Time: 50 minimum
Droop: Less than 2 mV/minute
Power: From TIO-3000 motherboard
dsp-3 window alarm module

The DSP-3 is designed as a watchdog module to monitor critical sensor data from a TMO-3 or SUM-3 Module. The window is normally associated with signals such as: below norma (yellow), go range or acceptable (green), and above acceptable (red). Front edge LED's provide this status, as do output relays. The window is set by a high and low potentiometer, with set values displayed on the TIO-3000 meter, usually in a engineering unit like the sensor channel it is tracking. Output relays can be used to drive larger external alarm devices or to switch off the process or activity that is causing the unacceptable level.

1. Response time 1 ms
Alarm Settings: 2(high and low)
Status Levels: 3(low, go and high)
Alarm Range: 0 to 5.0 VDC
Alarm Response: Less than 15 ms
Alarm Settings: Via TIO-3000 meter
Power: Via TIO-3000 motherboard
Relay Type: Plugable fast acting reed
Relay Rating: 10 watts .5 amp maximum
Life: 100 million cycle
sum-3 precision summing module

The SUM-3 Module is designed for precise weighing application by accepting the output signals from 2, 3 or 4 TMO-3 conditioning modules and performing the algebraic sum of those signals. Unlike resistor summers, the active element summing junction does not require sensor signals of matching output. The TIO-3000 approach provides a cal resistor to scale amplifiers (TMO-3s) to engineering units. With data now standard during setup, precision summing is accomplished.

1. Load cells are less expensive if calibrated, not standardized.
2. A damaged sensor can be replaced and the system rescaled to the new sensorical resistor.
3. Load cells of two different capacities can be summed.
4. Load cells may be dispersed at uneven locations to weigh an odd shaped tank or structure.
A 4 to 20 mA current loop output is available as Option "A".
Summing Accuracy: +-.1% of inputs
Input Range
(4 Inputs):
+-2.5 VDC
Output Range: +-10 VDC
Stability: 05% for 24 hours
Tempco: 01% per [degree symbol]C
Power: From TIO-3000 motherboard
TIO-3000 N/A 1550.00
TIO-3000-4.5 N/A 1725.00
TMO-3 N/A 360.00
TM0-3A N/A 460.00
PKD-3 N/A 390.00
DSP-3 N/A 390.00
SUM-3 N/A 390.00
SUM-3A N/A 450.00