Print Load Cell Products
Item #: DPM-OPT-C $ 105.00

Two 8A Form C Relay Option Board

The Relay Option Board DPM-OPT-C offers remarkable versatility and ease of installation with it's Plug & Play field-installable design. Users have the choice between two relay DPM-OPT-C output boards, featuring either two contact relays or four contact relays with the DPM-OPT-C4, each rated at 8A for 250 Vac or 24 Vdc. These boards provide the flexibility to generate outputs based on either filtered or unfiltered signal input. Additionally, they can respond instantaneously or with a programmable delay, thanks to selectable operating modes that include output above or below setpoint, latching or non-latching behavior, and band deviation or hysteresis around each setpoint. Setting the desired setpoints can be done conveniently via front panel pushbuttons or through a PC, with the added benefit of security lockout to prevent unauthorized changes. Furthermore, these boards are certified to meet stringent standards, including EN 61010-1 (CE mark) and RoHS, ensuring both reliability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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