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Item #: DPM-OPT-S4 $ 96.00

Four 120 mA Solid State Relay Option Boards

DPM-OPT-S4 - Explore our Digital Panel Meter, Four Relay Board S, designed for effortless Plug & Play installation. This board is offered with four solid-state relays. These solid-state relays are highly capable, rated at 120 mA for 140 Vac or 180 Vdc. You have the flexibility to configure the outputs based on filtered or unfiltered signal inputs, and they can respond instantly or with a programmable delay. With selectable operating modes including output above or below setpoint, latching or non-latching, and band deviation or hysteresis around each setpoint, you have full control. Setpoint setup can be easily managed via front-panel pushbuttons or a PC, with added security lockout for front-panel controls. Rest assured, our boards are certified to meet EN 61010-1 (CE mark) and RoHS standards.

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