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Item #: TM0-2-1600 $ 525.00

TMO-2-1600 Stand Alone / Bench Top Load Cell Amplifier / Conditioner Module

The TMO-2-1600 Transducer 120 Vac Conditioner Module 1600 Hz Filter is a complete differential amplifier/signal conditioners with self contained power. The units provide excitation, balance and span adjustment via precision 10 turn pots, and shunt calibration necessary to couple a user supplied bridge type transducer to an indicating instrument. Full scale output is specified at plus or minus 10 Vdc. The TMO-2-1600 provides a floating shunt calibration circuit which applies calibration at the transducer, thereby eliminating errors due to line losses. The excitation supply incorporates a Wagner Ground to greatly improve Common Mode Rejection. The factory set bandwidth of the module is narrow to improve stability for applications such as weighing scales. The removal of a single capacitor will increase the frequency response DC to 10K Hz for dynamic data applications.

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